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Last updated 06.06.2014

A - Litter




Puppies born 11.11.2010 - Ninkja's A-Litter


Portinbo's Leo The dancing Lion "Leo" * Cossu's Kendra Wilkinson "Kendra"





The puppies after Leo and Kendra were born on 11.11.2010. 3 gorgeous girls, one particolor and two dark that will lighten gradually and will probably be quite similar to their mother, silver/cream and golden/cream.


They have all got new homes.

The new born puppies.

The puppies one week

My grand daughter Daniella with Kendra and the puppies 8 days old.

The puppies 13 days old.

16 days old

4 weeks old

Ninkja's Afrodite 7 weeks old. Now called Frida. She lives near her sister Mathilda in Bergen.

Ninkja's Artemis 7 weeeks old. Now called Shila. She lives in Hardanger.

Ninkja's Athene 7 weeks old. Now called Mathilda. She lives near her sister Frida in Bergen.

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