Ninkja's Løwchen

Little Lion Dog - Petit Chien Lion


Last updated 06.06.2014



N & S Ch COSSU'S LULU - born 05.05.2009


Lulu is 5 years old. She is a very curious and beautiful girl. Always ready for a trip out whether it is rain, snow or sunshine. She loves to be out and keep an eye on our property. When we pick up the car keys, she is always ready. She loves to be on the beach and wade in the water, and if it's hot enough sometimes she takes a swim.



Lulu 7 months

Lulu in Kollevåg oct 2012

Lulu BOB Puppy NMHK - 4 months old

7 months old

12 months old

Lulu 2 months ols

Lulu 2 months old

Lulu 3 months old

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