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The Breed's History





Lowchen originated from France and was after World War II about to die out. So few dogs existed that in 1969 the Guinness World Records had described it as the world's rarest breed. It was approx. 40 known Lowchen, half of which were in Germany, and the other half was scattered in the continent. Although there were so few of the breed is the description in both image and text, from the 1500s, as we see today Lowchen.


The dogs have managed to retain its charm over time, even the haircut is practically equal to the one we can easily detect the paintings from artists such as the Spanish Francisco Goya (1743-1828). Some are lively while others sit nicely on the rich women's lap. The coat has always waves and is silky. Why this characteristic lion clip? It is said that they were used as hot water bottles, and that haircut was for hygienic reasons, but this was probably not the only reason. We know that race has played a major role in the architecture and legends as symbols of strength and power.


The Lowchen today is a good entertainer, as they were described previously. If you let a bunch of Lowchen together, or give it a favourite toy, ithey give entertainment that drives all depressing thoughts out of your head. This was also the way they used to live, with a tremendous affection and playfulness, it was rewarded with food.


A Lowchen is a confident dog who without shyness takes her place in the family. If you want a dog to lie still in place, this is not the right breed for a Lowchen is curious and will always be part of the action, they should be bubbly and full of energy. It's natural for it to make contact with strangers, especially children, but it will still always be 100% faithful to its owner. Lowchen is an excellent family dog. Although it is a small dog, it is robust and will often walk a long and arduous trip with their owner. Because it is easily learned, it loves to be activated. An excellent dog for agility.


The skull should be broad, a short muzzle with black nose button. Dark, large, round, expressive eyes. Body slightly longer than height, with fine bone. The tail is carried over the back in motion. The coat is long and wavy, without being curly, but not smooth which gives a wrong impression of this rugged and sporty dog. All colors are allowed. The cut of a lion. The height should be between 25-32 cm. The breed has no known weaknesses.



I will recommend you to read The Lowchen - The Breed Forgotten By Gini Denninger

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